Mike107 Wrote:
Dec 31, 2013 3:21 PM
Why does anyone think that just because a majority of 9 humans in one branch of our government decided something was constitutional that it some how guarantees it to be constitutional. I am sorry but the individual mandate is NOT constitutional. A tax based on what you don't do is NOT constitutional. A fine based on what you don't buy is NOT constitutional. When will the left and half the right learn that taxing us to give money to only a part of the nation is call theft and is NOT constitutional. All tax money are to go towards ALL of the citizens of the US. Like common funding of public roads we all use. Any money that goes only to certain individuals like welfare recipients is NOT constitutional. The mental illness here is that so many people think if the need is great enough others rights do not count. This liberal illness that if you're starving it is all right to rob a bank. Heaven forbid these lefty loons actually work for their own living.