Mike107 Wrote:
Dec 31, 2013 3:00 PM
Educated idiot. That is what you call someone who has traversed an education institution but failed to learn more than just concepts and philosophies. The reason more of those that have graduated from the modern American university believe in macro evolution can be seen in the rating of liberal bias of said university. If this is the bastion of liberal lies it would be expected that many who exit these institutions of brainwashing will thus be brainwashed. History points to the fact that the most intelligent people in America have NOT come from American universities. So with that understanding let us all look at these polls and see that those of us that are intelligent enough not to be brainwashed know that the evidence does not support the conclusion of macro evolution. Just because one does not accept any other theory does not prove a theory. The only evidence provided are mere similarities and so circumstantial they would never be used in a court of law to render a verdict. And being similar does not prove a connection. The only argument evolutionist can truly bring to the table is that they do not believe God did it so that only leaves macro evolution. So because there is no supporting evidence for a contradictory theory their theory must be true.