Dan7309 Wrote:
Dec 31, 2013 9:50 AM
The government taking children away for not following the standards they have set is just another step in a total takeover of our lives. Sure there are way too many kids obese, but this is not the problem for the government to address by punishment, but rather by education. If this is allowed, just where do we set the boundaries for other matters? Should a family be allowed to travel beyond a certain mile limit because of the cost of gasoline or alleged shortage? How about being told how old you have to be or can be to have children? Where does it end? Are Americans ready to surrender almost every freedom we, once, took, for granted for things? This is the crossroads where our once great bastion of freedom stands. As Obama and his cronies continue to head us toward Socialism, we all might want to remember this moment in history as we watch our freedoms away.