Bengal Wrote:
Dec 26, 2013 3:22 PM
The woman is obviously retarded. She doesn't realize that the government knows better than she does what is good for her. They also know that she needs affordable mental care. And obviously, she knows that the government knows which doctor or other health provider she should be using. Too bad if she likes the doctor who has been providing her with health care for 20 years! How dare she suggest that she is qualified to make that decision for herself! She should be thrilled that she has such great insurance, even though she loses her home through foreclosure. She can smile when she gets free "women's heath services" (aka birth control, abortion, etc.). I thought only the young were going to get screwed by ObamaCare! Evidently, it's an equal opportunity screwing that we all get, regardless of gender, age, or menopausal circumstances.