Mark1853 Wrote:
Dec 26, 2013 11:47 AM
2014 would truly be a "Happy New Year", when the Article V Convention convenes, and We the People restore Our Constitutional-Republican form of Government. Would you care to bet on the Likelihood of O Bomb Out declaring that he'll use his "Executive Authority" to keep such a convention from gathering? Or maybe Congress shall resolve that for the "common good," such a convention mustn't happen. Or maybe the the Chief {in] Justice of the Stupreme (Misspelling deliberate) shall declare that such a convention is Unconstitutional? Oh yes, and let's not forget Eric the Beholden, who shall likely block it's convening with all the Power of the Department of Injustice? Since the Powers that be only recognize the Constitution as being Outmoded, I'd expect the gathering of a Convention of the States to be attacked in all ways enumerated above, and more. I'm sure the American (Crush our) Civil Liberties Union (A.C.O.C.L.U) would weigh in as well. That Said, The Convention of the States shall convene, and God forgive those who attempt to stop We the People from convening it! And here's to the Revolution that shall ensue when they attempt to stop We the People from convening it!