Riverson Wrote:
Dec 19, 2013 10:33 AM
Unfortunately, I do believe the battle is being lost and defeat is virtually certain. This doesn't mean that we roll over and give up, but the acceleration into the abyss is nearly impossible to stop as the slope steepens and becomes more slippery. Up until July I had spent the last 5 years in near total isolation at a remote site in Alaska, and I have refused to watch television for nearly 4 years. Having now been exposed anew to the "real world", I can see a terrible change across the board. I am that frog in the pan of water being slowly brought to a boil who jumped out for a while and has now been tossed back in. The rest of society doesn't even know that scalding temperature has been reached. Sorry, this is what I see, and at 66 I am no novice at life.