oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Dec 18, 2013 7:49 PM
Have you noticed that the braying hyenas on the left keep asserting in supercilious/condescending fashion that conservatives/Republicans keep wanting just to attack ObamaCare but without offering their own alternatives? That is rather like saying that I might have given you a virulent STD, but someone else might have given you AIDS. I saw Chrissie "Leg Tingle" Moutthews again reflexively bleating this with 2 other Leftists (David Corn and Howard Fineman) on the Mainly Socialist News Broadcasting Company. Truth be told, the Far Left simply does not want to consider intelligent, more logical, cost-efficient, conservative proposals. ObamaCare, e.g., does NOTHING to rein in the $200 BILLION a year in lawsuit costs and defensive medicine because the Trial Lawyers (ambulance chasers) have the Left in their pockets. Actually, there are a number of EXCELLENT alternatives that have been proposed including by medical doctors in Congress such as the sagacious senator from Oklahoma Dr. Tom Coburn, Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price, Wyoming senator Dr. John Barrasso, and by recent V.P. candidate and creative thinker Paul Ryan, among a number of others. But the liberal, in-the tank media shrug off these saner, more fiscally sound alternatives. To Leftists, "unfairness, inequality and injustice" describe one American having more achievement, material goods and success than another American-- in total disregard of the individual choices and behaviors that may have led to this discrepancy. The conservative VALUES and seeks to CONSERVE the ability to succeed and make America prosper JUST AS IT ALWAYS HAS, and NOT to "need" and then depend upon exsanguinating (blood-sucking), crippling Big Guvment.