cfuhro Wrote:
Dec 18, 2013 11:07 AM
The left will always figure out some way to push their agenda, and having former Acorn operatives working as "navigators" just goes along with them pushing this agenda -- taking money from the successful (those who stayed in school and got an education) and giving it in one form or another to those who are not successful (those who dropped out of school and never finished their education). I am sick of the "have not" blaming the "haves" for their failures, and I'm sick of groups like Acorn trying to stick their hand in my pocket. If the "have nots" want to make something of their lives, let them return to school, learn some sort of marketable skill, and then go back out into the job market. They'll find that employers are more than willing to pay for someone who can produce some results for them. But for God's sake, quit blaming anyone and/or everyone but yourself for your own wrong decisions and laziness.