David4 Wrote:
Dec 16, 2013 12:18 PM
First, I read that the judge was less influenced by a plea of "affluenza" than by the plea that a severe sentence would mess up the rest of the kid's life. This Ethan Couch is lucky to get "a second chance", when so many do not. And many will think that Ethan Couch should receive a harsher sentence that DOES mess up the rest of his life. As for what he does get, his dad has to spend >$100K on the treatment. Ethan Couch et.al. deserves to get sued for wrongful death, but that is a separate law suit, which hasn't been reported and may not have occurred yet. I can see this trending towards a mashup of puritan and European social thought: that wealth implies greater responsibility. If you don't want that responsibility then you better not live at that sort of wealthy level. (Might still BE wealthy, but better not live at that standard.)