Raymond, (Ret) Wrote:
Dec 07, 2013 10:08 AM
What, you mean that inserting the government as yet another layer between the producers and the consumers will not lower the total cost, improve the quality of the product and increase the customer base? Who knew? Why, I was thinking that with such a Midas touch the government should take over the entire economy so everybody gets the best of everything and it is all free. Oh wait. That is the premise of Socialism isn't it? For those who ever thought that Obamacare could actually reduce the cost of health care, precisely who do they think it is that is going to get paid less for doing more and better work? Reduce waste and inefficiency? Right. The government is really good at that isn't it? No waste there. And bureaucrats will spend other peoples money much more wisely than businessmen will spend their own. Especially when the former can just raise taxes to whatever extent they are inefficient and it has no competition to either challenge them or innovate proficiency.