tallen Wrote:
Dec 01, 2013 12:54 PM
These are all BLACK bastards (the word means a child born out of wedlock) that have no known father and a fat-a++es low-life free loading (welfare) mother who sleeps till noon and then sits and watches T.V. (Oprah I presume) the rest of the day. These kids can't speak correct English and only speak their ghetto hommie words like it makes them something they aren't and never will be. They wear their hats on side-ways and their pants below their as+es. Even if the company's put instructions sewn in the pants on how to wear them it wouldn't do any good account of what I wrote above, THEY CAN'T READ! 75-85% drop out of school by the 11th grade and almost all never see a Diploma of any kind. None have any intention of ever holding a job, stealing and welfare seems much easier to them. Look at the population in prisons, blacks make up 45-60% (according to which prison you check) yet the population of blacks in America are less then 20%... If you removed blacks and illegals from all hand-outs from the Government we could close 90% of those offices that handle those hand outs, and also close 60% of the prison but most of all we'd have almost Government debt and a balanced budget. Gee wouldn't America be a great place to live then.