bgiansomo Wrote:
Nov 27, 2013 4:42 PM
Evie is an example of hallmark liberal cowardice. Shoots her mouth off then runs away from opposition unable to stand up for what she believes although like all libs what she believes in is dumb. Look how the Dummycrats are running away from Oboycare after getting it passed and blocking any attempt to repeal. Let the Colorado Dummycrats go ahead and replace Evie with a another gun control freak it would then be appropriate for those trying to throw her out before she soiled her panties and jumped ship, to nail the successor and throw him or her out also. If the word goes out they're waiting to do so, no chicken liberal Dummycrat will want the job and Colorado is saved from more Dummycrat pillaging of the citizen's second amendment rights. Next throw 'em all out and repeal the laws after sending Hickenpooper to the unemployment office with the rest of them.