AmericanBelle Wrote:
Nov 25, 2013 4:11 PM
The real problem here is with the voters! How many even know what GDP is or understand what it means for the government to steal away power? It's not just low-information voters; it's college students! Liberals have had decades to tear down education to the point that we no longer even have "bright students" and/or "future leaders" to save us! No matter how many lies this president tells, how obnoxious and vile he is pulling out the race card constantly, people may pull away a bit, but they always pull back claiming "I still like him". They no more understand math than Obama does, although I'm sure Obama does and is simply slick at lying about it. How they could think 30 million would be added to the insurance rolls with all kinds of new policy additions, and actually believe their policies would go down $2,500 is beyond comprehension. This is a large segment of society which has successfully been brainwashed/propagandized into believing that no matter how bad Democrats screw us into the ground, it's still better than what the GOP would do to us, ergo the devastating losses in 2012 (when the epic fails on all fronts should have elicited a slam dunk of GOP victory). As bad as it is, I don't see any way out. These idiot voters outnumber intelligent lifeforms and they will continue to vote away their rights and freedoms because they simply have no capacity for simple problem-solving skills.