Jonathan160 Wrote:
Nov 22, 2013 3:52 PM
You already blew it. You wanted equality and mutual acceptance, but you are only targeting white kids for sensitivity training. Are you saying that white kids are naturally more prone to racism? You can't possibly be making the argument that it's beacuse America is predominantly white and racist. That would be a crazy argument, once you consider that this is the most tolerant country in the world. If anything it's the rest of the world that needs sensitivity training. Further, if any group in America needs sensitivity training it's not whites who are ostracized for anything that can even remotely be misconstrued as racism, it's every other minority in this country whose racism is condoned and even promoted. Look at crime statistics. A white man in this country is far more likely to be a victim of a black attacker; it's not the other way around. You don't see white kids playing 'knock out.' I don't like the idea of mandated government sensitivity training, but insisting that it is the white people who need the training over everyone else is not only insensitive, it's outrageous RACISM. You are the racist, sir!