Robert170 Wrote:
Nov 21, 2013 3:54 PM
if you ACTUALLY did some research, you would find 2000-3000 instances of this "knockout" game since 2010. All you have to do is search. Is that too hard for you, libtotty? This didn't start yesterday, dolt. Now, either you are an ignorant non-informed dolt, or a troll, take your pick. For the adults here, this was documented in a book that was published LAST YEAR, called "white girls bleed..a lot". After over 800 events in a 11 month period, SUDDENLY we are seeing the MSM reporting on it like this just started last week. They can't ignore it anymore, especially since Jewels and Congressmen (lady) has fallen victim to it. Nonsense. The MSM has SPIKED every case of this game. Until 8 Jewish folks got assaulted in a two week period, it was never even mentioned. NOW it's an epidemic and NOW it may be a hate crime. Even though it's FINALLY, after FIVE YEARS, getting on the MSM, they still refuse to call it what it is, a racial crime. There has not been one documented case that a white group has done this to a black. NOT ONE! ALL cases of the "knock out game" have been black on white. As Obama says, PERIOD! Only I don't lie about it. Google "white girls bleed a lot".