Mike2048 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2013 11:23 PM
Do you need an abortion after 20 week in Texas, or an other anortion ILLEGAL in the State of Texas? Call the National Abortion Federation Hotline. They can help refer you OUT OF STATE. If you need to drive 5-6 hours to an abortion provider far away from you in Texas, you can simply fly to California. Call the National Abortion Federation Hotline and they can help set up flights. Note to Texas Law Enforcement: I AM ACTIVELY ADVERTISING ABORTIONS ILLEGAL IN YOUR STATE from outside the State. TRY AND STOP ME. YOU PATHETIC FOOLS CANNOT!!!! I am protected by Bigelow vs Virginia, so I can therefore advertise, entice, facilitate, and help women to have abortions illegal in your State. I can do ANYTHING I want from outside your State, and you have to sit and watch. Townhall readers, I encourage you to contact Texas Law Enforcement and let them know, as I could use the money from a hefty lawsuit against them for attempting to prosecute me.