cordeg Wrote:
Nov 19, 2013 9:25 PM
Solar panels on homes -- like electric cars -- are CURRENTLY the toys of the affluent. While the Ed Begley, Jrs and Tim Robbinses of America are constantly admonishing the rest of us to "go alternative energy", the fact is that the cost/benefit ratio dictates that most Americans simply can't afford these alternatives. BUT, if wealthy people want to dabble in personal energy plants and electric vehicles, more power to them -- just don't try to tell the rest of us we don't care about the environment because we can't afford the same. after all, if money was really no object, then they should be able to not only counteract their entire environmental footprint, but also those of 300 Million other Americans by simply paying to sequester all the CO2 the country produces, etc. Should we be allowed to assume that they do NOT do this because they "don't care", or are we the only one's expected to be adult enough to recognize that they simply couldn't afford to do that much? Yeah, I thought so.