Jo119 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2013 7:43 PM
Mr.York- What people are NOT focusing on, is NOT that "failure to launch the site is bad", but that ALL this "Law of the Land'(as Dems like to call it now) was done Under FALSE PRETENSE. No one had a chance to actually READ this before voting on it, the things that Obama said about what it would do-ARE LIES, and the SCOTUS that ruled on this, were given the SAME LIES. Therefore the decision the SCOTUS made, was under FALSE PRETENSE, and their decision should NOW BE REVERSED, AS IT WAS DONE ON THE LIES THAT OBAMA WAS STATING IN ORDER TO GET THIS PASSED IN THE FIRST PLACE. He used an "Old Alinsky Rule, of "Causing Chaos to push through your agenda BEFORE your opposition KNOWS what HIT THEM." Mr. York, this was ALL done in the first place on Obama's deceiving the American Congress, the American People AND the SCOTUS who ruled on HIS LIES, so it was a typical "BAIT AND SWITCH", and if it were ANY company, they would be charged with a crime against those they tried to deceive and jailed." That, is what No One is Looking at.....only, that Obamacare didn't 'launch properly by the website'.....THAT, is NOT THE ISSUE HERE....IT IS THE FRAUDULENT AGENDA OBAMA USED TO GET THIS THING ON THE BOOKS, AND IT NEEDS TO BE REVERSED, AS IT WAS UNLAWFUL IN THE FIRST PLACE. Obama doesn't care the sites failed, he wants "Socialized Medicine for America" and coverage for Illegal Aliens, that he knows will benefit the Democrat Party with their grateful Votes."