Roger644 Wrote:
Nov 19, 2013 9:25 AM
For generations now, the Democratic Party and news media have been portraying Republicans/Conservatives as being cold and uncaring big-business types, and Democrats as being the ones that "care for the people." Republicans never contest this, so the typical voter believes it. Actually, the opposite is the case and it is easy to show, both by pointing out the favors the current administration bestows upon many of the giant corporations (e.g., Goldman-Sachs, Bank of America, GE) and by replaying President Obama's frequent utterances demonstrating that he isn't at all concerned with individuals or small groups of people (e.g., statements referred to in this column about how the Obamacare law will "only" cause maybe 5% of the folks to lose their health insurance). These themes should be hammered by the Republicans, both in debates and in political advertising.