Mike2048 Wrote:
Nov 15, 2013 12:14 AM
You Conservatives just have NO CLUE. This is specifically designed to paint you into a corner with regards to contraception. When Bush was reelected, there was real and true fear in Liberal circles that the ultra-conservatives in this country were coming after contraception they found objectionable. However, Obama has BRILLIANTLY turned the tide. HHS, mandate, Plan B over the counter, and the approval of EllaOne. How many of the most Conservative politicians EVER have now come out and said "Hey, we never, ever, ever want to ban contraception, hormonal or otherwise. We just don't want to have people who object to it pay for it". They are on the permanent record forever and ever and ever as supporting the availability of ANY FDA approval contraceptive method, regardless of how and what it does. When you take this case to the Supreme Court, they will de facto affirm Griswold vs Connecticut, thus creating another ruling in favor of Privacy: "We hold that any FDA approved contraception is protected under the Constitution, however, forcing unwilling parties to pay for it violates the First Amendment" That ruling will COMPLETELY destroy any "Personhood" legislation unless it makes 110% expressed exceptions for *ANY* form of FDA approved contraceptive methods.