old progrmr2 Wrote:
Nov 14, 2013 3:49 PM
This man is a committed, lying leftist or an ignoramus! He said that the cancellations were a "business decision"; it was NOT a business decision, the firms HAD TO cancel the policies since they did not meet the government's mandated coverage guidelines. All of these insurance firms are now offering alternative policies that now meet those guidelines. These policies (gold, silver, bronze) are now being offered within and independent of those "exchanges" and have premiums 30% to 200% more than previously available policies. HE EITHER STATED AN OUTRIGHT LIE, or if he really believes what he said, he is one of the dumbest people around. I have concrete evidence and real cost/coverage data to prove my point. I CHALLENGE ANY LEFTIST OUT THERE (INCLUDING THIS "EXPERT) TO DEBATE THIS ISSUE WITH ME, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Megan did well, but didn't really confront the guy directly with facts and data.