Kenneth L. Wrote:
Nov 13, 2013 8:42 AM
I've expressed a rare feeling of possible disagreement with Dr. Sowell in comments about his previous columns on this issue. It's true that Cruz gained some visibility for the issue, and he is actually being vindicated in part by the "train wreck" that is Obamacare being revealed now. But it's hard to argue with Sowell about the politics, and if we accept his point that it would have been better to live to fight another day because our chances against the biased media and the Democrats would have been better, we have to say Cruz should have waited to stage his protest. One thing is true, based on common sense and ample evidence: a 3rd party challenge in our system just gives the race to an opponent. It has cut both ways--we have the examples of Ralph Nader and Ross Perot to look at. We should NOT let internecine battles destroy any chance to get this evil out of our government. So the Cruz, de-fund movement is one issue. Time will give us more evidence on which to evaluate that action. But our first priority should be to seek a unified Republican Party. The internal struggle going on now, and the inexcusable, self-serving comments by John McCain and other Republicans about the government shutdown, have to stop. As long as Republicans continue to keep undermining each other we don't even need a 3rd party to hand political victories to the Democrats.