Nov 12, 2013 11:14 AM
I agree, but conservatives need to take some lessons too. We could have stopped Obamacare and prevented Sotomayor from joining the Supremes if we had run more electable candidates in a few key races. Conservative commentators and philosophers are extremely smart and insightful, plus they write and speak well. I can love a guy like Rick Perry as a fellow human, but I could never get excited about his candidacy for one reason, he speaks like an under-educated buffoon, mangling the language at every turn. So, if we get a guy prone to publicly distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate rape, we can try to understand him and love him for his basic humanity, but we should never nominate him. Sometimes the squish, the RINO is the right candidate from a larger perspective, at least in legislative races. Save the purity test for Presidential candidates.