JPK2 Wrote:
Nov 11, 2013 5:53 PM
Did Ted Kennedy eat with sinners? We know that he liked to eat waitress sandwiches. Does Nancy Pelosi eat with the homeless. We know that San Francisco is filled with them. How about other famous Catholic liberals, like the Cuomos, the Bidens, and John Kerry. All are fabulously wealthy and fabulously liberal. John Kerry bought a $9 million yacht but anchors it in Rhode Island in order to avoid Massachusetts large luxury taxes (how does he think his home state affords their entitlement state?) Talk about self righteous, you liberals spend most of your waking hours demeaning, accusing, and belittle Conservatives. But, according to almost all polls, it is the religious conservatives who donate most of the money, and their time to the poor. Another big difference is that most religious conservatives do not broadcast their "good works" like Progressives do ad infinitum.