oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Nov 11, 2013 9:25 AM
I have noticed here on TH that libertarians tend to see things in black or white only...oddly, just like liberals do. (Hey, both terms begin with "lib"!) An example-- when we often debate how to deal with ILLEGAL aliens here on TH, the libertarians are apt to FLAME ON about how NOBODY has ANY right whatsoever to restrict a business owner from hiring whomever s/he jolly well pleases! It is as if they see it as, "I was born, therefore the guvment cannot restrict what I do!" But, e.g., ILLEGAL aliens impose > $100 BILLION burden on America just for their unreimbured direct costs alone to society. The libertarian retorts that that is mainly the fault of guvment for giving them "free" stuff, NOT the fault of employers who knowingly and WILLINGLY hire them ILLEGALLY. I subscribe to the theory that my fellow citizens have rights generally AS LONG AS their "rights" do not burden ME and other CITIZENS against our will, ESPECIALLY when laws passed both by Congress AND the various states are egregiously and shamelessly violated.