oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Nov 11, 2013 9:19 AM
about conservatives appealing to those supposed "conservative social values" of Hispanics-- re: "If Republicans hope to do well next year, they need to follow Christie's example in reaching out to nontraditional GOP voters. Christie won a majority of Hispanic votes, while Cuccinelli garnered fewer Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did last year -- and Hispanics are becoming a more significant sector of the electorate in Virginia as elsewhere." ******************** This is PRECISELY WHY conservatives MUST fight tooth and toenail to stop paths to amnesty, notwithstanding Linda Chavez' and some libertarians' frequent defenses of ILLEGAL aliens. Greater than 80% of ILLEGAL aliens (including the visa violators/overstayers) are Hispanic. The inconvenient truth is that Hispanics LOVE Big Entitlement Guvment! Amnesty would indeed be fatal to the American way of life as we have long known it. I know, it is supposedly "xenophobic/racist to oppose immigration-- the same things were said against the waves of Irish, Jews, Italians, etc., who arrived at the turn of the 20th Century." Well, actually, Virginia, there IS a difference...and America is a very different place today. Most ILLEGAL aliens are undereducated, poor Indian Hispanics. The guvment's own data tell us that the social pathologies of such are horrendous-- the poverty is likely to remain entrenched, hence guvment dependency, together with pathologies such as very high rates of illegitimacy (70%), dropouts, crimes, gang proclivities, barrio blight, a willful clinging to Espanol (which DOOMS assimilation) and 5 TIMES the rate of alcoholism. Also, when Europeans came in a great wave 100 years ago, they had higher aptitudes and came to an America where educational level was FAR LESS critical than it is today. We are now an "advanced service economy" where education is CRITICAL to escape guvment dependency. Most Hispanic ILLEGALS are BOTH lower aptitude and undereducated. As Milton Friedman noted sagaciously, "You cannot have an open border and a welfare state."