oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Nov 11, 2013 8:11 AM
recent wisdom here about libertarians: re: (from Tacitus) "Few libertarians think that Democrats are their natural allies. Certainly far fewer than the numbers and percentages of big-government RINOS who dominate the Republican party. It's simply a fact that when the GOP last held the Presidency and both houses of Congress they promptly went on a spending and regulatory binge. Perhaps the whiners in the GOP would be better served by removing the log from their eye before complaining about the speck in the libertarian eye. " ***************** Dubya was a damm disaster! His Rx Care for Seniors was a TOTAL leftist-ilk Big Guvment boondoggle...and 90% of seniors have NO NEED for such assistance. This is the wealthiest older generation in the history of the world on average. He was, at best, a CINO/RINO! He also let the damm neoCONS (look back at the AIPAC cabal then surrounding him) talk him into Iraq, which NOW leans toward Iran!!! That will eventually be $3 TRILLION down a rat hole with the immense costs to care for the wounded vets per economist Professor Stiglitz.