Kenneth L. Wrote:
Nov 08, 2013 11:06 AM
From Michael Barone's column today: "Lesson 3 for Democrats: You're not doing so well with immigrants. Hispanic and Asian turnout in Virginia was down from 2012. Christie carried Hispanics 51-45 percent in a state where they voted 78-21 percent for Obama in 2008. Polls showed Hispanics souring on Obamacare, and Christie kept showing up in their communities for four years." So, yes, "foot-in-mouth disease" certainly hurt Cuccinelli. But was it all about immigration? His rat family analogy was patently offensive. I wouldn't vote for somebody so careless as to say that. It wasn't apt and it wasn't funny. So he's a bad politician. But is immigration the problem for Republicans that you insist, Ms Chavez?