Kenneth L. Wrote:
Nov 08, 2013 7:50 AM
Ms Chavez, your point is valid. Cuccinelli obviously lost patience and discipline when he made this offensive comparison. It was very bad politics, I agree. But I do wish you would take a step back and consider your own views on immigration. Why is immigration a Hispanic issue? Are Hispanics the only people seeking to come into the U.S.? Why does "illegal" no longer mean illegal to you and others? Is there something that you could explain to me, something I'm missing, that gives Hispanics a special right to come into the U.S. illegally and remain here unless they're caught breaking the law? Just as we've done with seat belt laws, don't you think we should have primary enforcement of our immigration laws, especially in this time of terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and identity theft? I'm puzzled by your views on this subject, as I've said before. Like the Wall Street Journal, I believe we should have more immigration. I believe that to let engineers and technology workers come here and work in jobs that Americans don't seem to be able to fill would help the economy and create employment. Studies show that I'm right. The Democrats are conflicted about this because our unions believe in protectionism at every level in the economy, and some of their support of immigration "reform" is a political sham, don't you agree? So even in a purely political sense I find it frustrating that you fall for this Democrat ruse, pretending to support reform and then, like Barack Obama, doing nothing about it, or even sabotaging any efforts at real reform. Why do you want to identify with this dishonesty? I am not sympathetic to those illegals who want to remain here just because they've been here so long. And the game is given away when we compare U.S. immigration laws to those of other countries on this continent. Nobody has open borders. In fact, I don't believe from what I've read that any countries have laws as liberal as ours. Could you lend some perspective on this with a detailed study, an article dealing with this issue alone? Leave the politics out of it and tell me why you're so determined that we should allow illegals to stay here. It just doesn't make sense to me.