Jo119 Wrote:
Nov 07, 2013 1:52 AM
Prebius saying they "Outspent the DNC, is a LIE, as I had the #'s almost tripled for McAuliffe, it was ONLY because some were waking up to the LIES from Obama about the corruption in healthcare(socialized medicine) in these last few weeks, that Cuccinelli started to "Catch McAuliffe in closer numbers- and BTW: I STILL don't believe that McAuliffe won this fair and square, as the Dems ALWAYS find those Last Minute Votes in the trunks of cars(think Al Franken) and miraculously-ALL FOR THEM. If I were Cuccinelli, I'd ask for a recount, being This Close-AND verification that one person, one vote. That's the Voter ID's that Dems DON'T WANT, and filed Lawsuits to STOP, as they are AFRAID they WON'T be able to CHEAT in Elections, as USUAL.