Jo119 Wrote:
Nov 07, 2013 1:41 AM
Interesting outcome folks-First off, the Libertarian was "bought and paid for to Take Away GOP votes, most assuredly by George Soros' billions, and Dem Donors-Just as they've done in other races." Third party, NEVER wins, so forget that idea. It was just what Perot had in that chaotic nonsense. The GOP , Has become "Dem- Lite/Rino's of Career Establishment...ex: John McCain, Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsey Graham, etal, who have bent over backwards to comply with ALL things Obama, AND their OWN 'Status Quo' for Keeping their cushy jobs/perks/elite healthcare/pensions on US- as they amass their OWN personal fortunes, and continue "To feed Off the Taxpayers' Public Trough." Of Course, they "will go along to get along"....wasn't the remarks by McCain to Ted Cruz just so typical: "It's Just NOT the way things are done here in D.C. by Jr. Senators".....Really? Cruz DID what he told his constituants he would do....upset the "Status Quo, and follow OUR Constitution and the Rights of the People....NOT the Government". Somewhere along the way, the Crooked Dems and the Equally Passive/Rino Establishment of the GOP, became One In The SAME- Looking out for #One-Themselves, and NOT the good of the country OR the people they WORK FOR- US. Do Not fall for the Lapdog Media picking OUR candidates again, or the GOP Rino's telling us WHO in our party is good/bad...WE can decide that. The Lapdog/Liberals/Soros etal picked McCain-the Old, White Haired, Yellow Teeth RINO, as they KNEW he'd be beaten by Obama-It worked. He was 'hand-picked---NO MORE. We will pick our OWN Conservative GOP people to run-and as they ALL(both Dems/Rino Gop) try to paint a 'Tea Party Patriot as the devil, and smear them.....send the Conservatives/Tea Party your donations, as I and many will do-NO MORE GOP DONATIONS, AS THEY DECIDE TO MAKE US LOSE ELECTIONS, THAT DOG WON'T HUNT ANY LONGER.- We have patriotic Americans that Care about our very survival from this Marxist/Crooked Obama Regime, and though He and the crooked Dems are trying to make the Tea Party the EVIL ones, we KNOW differently, and will NOT be fooled by the likes of Rino-Christie, who panders to Obama, and plays like a conservative---he's NOT. He didn't lift a finger to help Conservatives of the GOP races...claiming he had HIS campaign to worry about. Well, if he had NO visions further than HIS career-he's an established Rino, just like the rest. I am sick of the divisiviness of the Establishment-GOP and they, ALL need to be run OUT of office, as otherwise, they INSURE DEMS WIN.