Anonymous12656 Wrote:
Nov 06, 2013 6:16 PM
I when I was assaulted in a military club by a black airman, receiving injuries to my eye that required 8 stitches, that was the reason I was threatened with a subpar performance report? When I found out my wife was screwing her black boss, ruining our marriage, I WAS THE RACIST because he hid behind his color, and the chain of command backed him up and refused to give him a well-deserved 5 year stay at Leavenworth? When I punished military students for misconduct, I was threatened with punitive action(s) by my black commander because ONE of the students was black. Was this because of "white privilege"? From when I enlisted in the 70s until I retired in the 90s, I saw blacks get away with more B.S. and outright crimes than ANY whites ever did, and all it took was cries of "racism". What a gigantic crock of sh!t. This is what happens when Americans are guilted into voting for a Marxist pile of sh!t.