flfan Wrote:
Nov 05, 2013 7:29 AM
I too, have watched family go left. Not my brother, he is more to the right than I am. However, cousins have abandoned their conservative upbringing, some after only a year in college. Tech schools are the same, the union mentality of "stick it to the man" prevailed when I attended. Some cousins rarely speak to us and are shrill and angry when they do. The difference for me, I believe, was the first 10 years of my education was in a parochial school. The other was, 2 parents that involved us in the political process. Taking us with them to vote, involving us in the letters they wrote to our Governor, Senators and House members. Pride in our country and why it was such a big deal to immigrate to the US generations ago. This was taught at an early age and was a great foundation, something missing from many these days.