Mark1853 Wrote:
Nov 04, 2013 7:01 PM
Actually, Barack-O -Clause is the best Buy-Partisan President we've ever had. That means that as a community organizer, he's a professional at buying the votes of his constituent-flunkies. I tried to point out the 20 taxes within the so-called Patient "Protection" and Affordable Care Act to a friend last night, and he said he wouldn't discuss it with me. He seems to believe that since I'm presently receiving Food Stamps, since I just lost my tax payer-funded Adult medical benefits Waiver, and since I only work part time, I don't pay Taxes: So therefor, I shouldn't be concerned about the horrendous tax increases that Obama Scare foists upon the people. I can only imagine what my premium will be under Obama Care, and since I'm neither able to pay it, nor to pay the penalty, I guess I'm destined to a debtor's prison, which I suspect is the next step in O's fundamental deformation of America. here's Section one of an Amendment that I'd propose to reverse the damage that Obama Care has already done, and I hope that if it, (within the full Amendment) could be passed by a convention of the States, it might truly kill this horrible social experiment, before it truly kills many of the people. "Section I: The right of the People residing within the free States, comprising the United States of America, to attain and to maintain optimum physical and mental health, in order to enjoy their unalienable rights of life, liberty, and happiness, without the interference of the Federal or State Governments, shall not be abridged by the Congress, the President, the Courts, State legislatures or State Courts, local Governments, of any elected or appointed Official, thereof." Mark Levin has given us the blueprint in his book, The Liberty Amendments, Restoring the American Republic. We the people MUST build upon it, until a Convention of the States is convened, his Amendments and many others are voted upon, and the ratified by 3/4th of the State Legislatures, if we truly INTEND to Restore OUR American Republic to its former Greatness, before we loose it Forever. We can be the Paul and Paulette Reveres mark speaks of nightly, provided ALL of us do it to the best of OUR Abilities. So, let us not ask what our country can do for US, but rather what We can do both individually, and enmasse, for our Country.