cconner Wrote:
Nov 04, 2013 2:02 PM
I grew up on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I've watched it fall, right along with Detroit. Every once in awhile, there will be a temporary upward trend that people will get all excited about and then it quickly passes and things continue to decline. I've often thought about returning home someday and revitalizing Pittsburgh. It truly is a beautiful city. I have pondered at length as to the cause of the decay. One of the contributing factors I have concluded, is the demise of the Detroit auto industry. Yes, the corporate goons made some miscalculations, but in all fairness, so have the unions. Unfortunately, it is too difficult for the corporate goons to correct their mistakes because the unions are unwilling to bend. The corporate goons are forced to take their business overseas so they can make the necessary corrections and when they go overseas, it's not just Detroit that suffers, but cities like Pittsburgh, as well. I've often thought about if I ran Detroit what I would do differently. I have many great ideas and several peers have thought each sounded viable. But then when I contemplate what it would truly take to turn Detroit around, I realize I wouldn't stand a snowball chance in hell. First, I could never be elected. I am a 41 year old white, Republican. Never held a prejudice thought in my life, but to the uninformed, I am automatically a racists. Don't even talk about how I would actually love to see Detroit succeed, because, yeah, we Republicans are uncaring, too. Second, people need to step back from unions and ask if they really represent their interests anymore. They take a portion of peoples' wages and spend it on political action committees to endorse gay marriage, abortion and other socially divisive issues. I thought it was supposed to be about jobs and job safety? Of course, this would go over about as well as a lead zeppelin. If Detroit could manage to get past those, two, I suspect they wouldn't be interested in investing a little of their time to voluntarily clean the place up, police themselves and make the area attractive to new business opportunities that could provide many jobs and break the bondage of government dependency.