88wrenchman Wrote:
Oct 31, 2013 7:03 AM
If not but for the actions of a handful of conservative senators, the nation would not be so focused on obamacare. The media would have been able to successfully ignore the rollout disaster. So while you criticize the conservatives today, without them we would have had untarnished Republicans and obamacare without a peep. Before you blame conservatives for the circular firing squad, just remember what brand of republican is on the other side of the circle, and has the media in the pocket to help tarnish the republican brand. This housecleaning needs to be sooner or later, and it's not like anyone has been winning elections with the current strategy. My biggest clue is my liberal family members being more concerned with what's going on in the republican party than their party. Why? Because they are perfectly happy with squishy republicans. As far as they're concerned, once a mccain gets past any potential primary challenge, that's good enough because he can be rolled later on. That's not the kind of republicans we need, and the timing sucks, but there's about 30 years of republican blame to go around.