Nunya9 Wrote:
Oct 29, 2013 8:12 PM
Misery loves company, no doubt. If the powers that be were in such complete control Washington and Colorado wouldn't even had the question on their respective ballots. But wow, if I believed that re-legalization were as impossible as maber does, I sure wouldn't waste my time by even thinking about it much less comment. maber, read some history, and just how many ensconced tyrants have been forced to bend to the will of the people. If I were you I would start in the year 1215 with the signing of the Magna Carta Libertatum. Also don't forget to consider the 56 old white men at the 1st annual 4th of July picnic in Philadelphia. I'm pretty certain that the powers that be didn't like their Declaration of Independence. I hope that the nattering nabobs of negativism don't mind if we continue to "waste" our time. For something so hopeless we sure have pushed it substantially closer to being reality. I really do feel sorry for the people who think there isn't any hope.