jasonQ42 Wrote:
Oct 27, 2013 12:21 AM
Just for the record: People who are pro-choice would deny precisely the presuppositions that are implicit in your comment. They would maintain that a fetus before a certain point is not a "person." There is a thought experiment where one is asked whether you would run into a clinic that is burning down where human embryos are stored, risking your life in order to save them. Regardless of what you may believe on principle, on a very basic, visceral, level, many people do make a distinction between a developing fetus and a baby. The only question left is what the role of government should be. Many people feel, on sound, conservative, principles of limited government, that individuals should be legally able to define the fore-mentioned distinction for themselves. People can, of course, disagree and attempt to persuade others to act in one way as opposed to another, but the force of government should not be involved.