Pundit-Pete Wrote:
Oct 25, 2013 3:58 AM
Thanks for finally telling this story. My wife is one of those 16 million. She has been unemployed over 2.5 years, in part thanks to Obamacare. She is also part of another statistic - the lowest participation of women in the workforce in decades, and the worst of THAT democraphic, women over 50. Then to that add, she got her letter stating her existing individual, high deductible health insurance policy will end Dec 31, thanks to O-care. And when she went shopping on the Colorado exchange, one of the few working, she found that the lowest price policies have at least 15% higher premiums than she has now, AND she would have to give up her doctor, the one she has had now for 29 years. For the option of keeping her family doctor, well, that would be much, much more. Needless to say, WE ARE NOT VERY HAPPY! And we consider the president to be a complete liar. So.......... We decided to fight back. First with a little message on a bridge a few weeks ago. http://punditpete.blogspot.com/2013/09/message-on-bridge-defund-obamacare.html And lately, I have written a little article mocking Secretary Sebelius. I guarantee this will make you LOL - just read it to the end, it's not too long. http://punditpete.blogspot.com/2013/10/sebelius-to-give-obamacare-testimony.html If you like it, please share it.