Azera Wrote:
Oct 23, 2013 12:44 PM
Never mind McConnell. He will win. Look again at JulieBrown's comment "The GOP infighting has to STOP now!!".... Time to bury the proverbial hatchet within the GOP, and win elections to defeat Democrats . Are you willing to help make peace within the GOP so we can focus on defeating liberal progressive Democrats? --------------------------------------------------------------- OMG.....where do I begin with you? First, are you forgetting that all of the so-called infighting and back-biting in the Republican party has taken place first and foremost with the politicians themselves. So save your kum ba ya speeches for them. Second, you and all of those who are like minded seem to be banking on God-knows-what that the Repubs will win the Senate. As my Dad says, you can wish in one hand and pea in the other and I'll tell you which one will fill up first. The Repubs have not produced a coherent compelling argument why they should be the voice of the people in over 30 plus years. The only way the Repubs have control over the House is because of the Tea Party. You can whine and poo-poo that all you want, but is a fact, Jack. But you go along get along let's play nice in the sand box old guard burned the Tea Party after the election. So you guys have an ice cubes chance in hell if you think the Tea Party is gonna help you re-elect the likes of McConnell. You guys are just like Guy Benson. You get all giddy and wring your hands in excitement of the prospect of politically out-maneuvering a political opponent and rail on & on about if this happens then that happens then this will happen and then.....blah, blah, blah. Jesus H Christ! Can we just talk about how the ACA is just as detrimental to the United States of America as when America said women didn't have the right to vote or that no one was to produce alcohol or that slavery was ok?? I get so GD mad that this country is going to hell in a hand basket and all folks like DG and Guy Benson and all the others can say is can't we all just quit fighting and get along? I'm dam glad none of you stood shoulder to shoulder in the snow with George Washington. A bunch of us think we need to fight for this country and freedom. If you're not willing to fight with us, please, PLEASE.....just ride the pine, enjoy watching us git er done, and shut up.