Libby312 Wrote:
Oct 21, 2013 10:06 AM
Beyond conservative websites and tv stations, I have not heard of anyone that currently has insurance losing their coverage, having their premiums go up or having their work hours cut back on. And considering that I have a lot of conservative friends, they would be screaming it if it were true. Matter of fact, my younger brother who is a fiscal conservative told me that he has already benefited from some of the new parts of the law in the ACA - the pre-existing coverage. His employer does not offer healthcare, so he has his own policy. It hasn't gone up at all. We just discussed this yesterday. Recently Sean Hannity had 3 couples on his show who each claimed that they were affected by the ACA. However, when a author followed up on their claims, it turned out that all 3 were lying. So, how many other Fox News stories were lies? Three in one show? Come on.