FinalRac Wrote:
Oct 17, 2013 7:21 PM
My advice: ride this out and primary every RINO in the country. Then unite with the Indies, TEAS, Libertarians, and reach out to any common sense conserv Purple and Red State Dems still left. 2014 has the potential of gaining 6 Senate seats from Red and Purple states where Dems should never have been elected in the first place. Forget the media. Altogether except FOX and conserv Talk Radio. The MSM will simply frustrate you. Make sure that conservs reach out to Christians, both Prots and Catholics who did not not not vote in 2012 where their 4 to 5- million votes might have made a difference. Do not listen to MSNBC, CNN or Obama . Ever. Act as if America is undergoing total tyrannical control . Because it is. Only support conserv pols and groups. Pray. Then in 2014, vote and recruit. Recruit and vote. The issues are still with conservs. Do not allow amnesty and keep pounding on Obamacare and the 5 scandals ala ND.