lgoldhammer Wrote:
Oct 17, 2013 9:51 AM
From the moment our Prez was pushing Obamacare to have total control over healthcare and it's costs, we needed leaders on the right pushing for a return to Major Medical Insurance (MMI) that is only used for emergencies, so fair market competition lowers all medical costs. When we had MMI we didn't have a health care problem in America. When HMO's came into being the cost of all medical care increased 4-6x's and insurance has incrased 10x's what the costs were before the HMO model. And doctors have a wake up and break the monopoly of current lack of choice to create two options: be a HMO paid doctor or direct pay with patients filing their own insurance claims for hospitalizations/disease. Then lower your costs accordingly for the MMI model. Gotta hunch most everyone would return to MMI, as would all companies. Now that it's a law, it's harder to change.