Thankful Texan Wrote:
Oct 16, 2013 8:57 AM
Why are we not even discussing Obamacare? Townhall has only two articles on the main page while Huffpo has 0. We all know the rollout of the website has been a failure, this is old news. I have trying since Oct 1 to try and find out what insurers are going to be providing coverage and what the plans consist of. Finally, yesterday I found a general list of providers and pricing. In Texas, we will have one insurer to choose from, BCBS. I guess this is what our government has newly defined choice/competition in the marketplace as. If I am to switch from my current BCBS plan to one of the ones provided under the ACA I will spend approximately $400 per month more. Folks need to be hearing what our actual insurance costs are going to be and be reminded of the fines (tax) that will be required to pay.