Red Shark Wrote:
Oct 13, 2013 12:17 PM
No. This plan is too complicated. The current Obamacare plan is not the end all, be all plan for the Democrats. When Obamacare fails, Democrats (including those partisans in the media) will offer their own "improvement" which will be even worse. That is because this is not about healthcare, or insurance, or taking care of the American people. This is about absolute control over each and every one of the American people. Nor do they want this control for any good purpose. All of this is headed to a point where the Democrats, MSM, and other statists have the levers of control to force the rest of us to do as they say. This is not about just another policy disagreement. This is about surrendering the right of individual Americans to make their own decisions about anything. This is about giving the statists the levers of power so they can tell themselves that "they" are the god(s), not this Jewish/Christian GOD. This is about elevating the statists above ordinary people. And the plan to elevate some, means that the rest of us must be degraded. Stop this monstrosity, now.