David1763 Wrote:
Oct 10, 2013 4:35 PM
Back Alley Abortions anyone? Coat Hangers? I thought the Dems were against this, but now they are approving it! Can't find enough sociopath doctors to preform the abortions... Question is: what do you do with these "service providers" when their humanity takes hold and they start the slipper slope to insanity that comes from murdering innocents? Come to Jesus moments are banned so suicide is the remaining solution. I know this is a little fragmented but research what happened with the German guards tasked with executing Jews. Before the ovens, they generally went insane and shot themselves. Anyone who commits a late term abortion where the humanity of the child is so obvious, must one day own up to being a murderer. Earlier abortions may be easier to ignore for the abortionist, but for the mother, it was still her child that wasn't born: the older brother or sister that her children will never know (in this life).