Richard111 Wrote:
Oct 10, 2013 11:34 AM
For at least 60 years, all federal government departments have gone on overtime as the fiscal year-end approaches so they would be sure to use up all their budgeted funds by this year-end. This results in getting as much or more budgeted for the next fiscal year. Do this for 60 years and you get the hockey stick exponential growth in budget and therefore spending – needed or not. Add to this all the new, unnecessary, and inefficient, failing departments added over these 60 years, and you get a budget out of control. There has never been a push for higher productivity, reduced spending, reduced workforce. Instead, adding personal has been rewarded with higher pay for supervisors and a bigger budget. There are two possible ways to correct this: 1. Cut all department budgets by 50% immediately, thereby forcing increased productivity. 2. Cut all department budgets by 10% a year for each of the next 10 years to reduce the pain.