cordeg Wrote:
Oct 08, 2013 6:30 PM
Hey, you can't argue with logic like that! He's right: raising the debt ceiling does not increase the debt, in exactly the same way that raising the level of the budget doesn't raise spending. They both simply ENABLE those results to happen. Someone should ask the president if his statement means that he has NO INTENTION of spending any more money than we take in this year, since that's the only way that the increased debt limit will not result in increased debt. If he and the senate Democrats are willing to GO ON RECORD with this promise, then I say Republicans should go ahead and raise the debt limit and then campaign against Democrats in 2014 as bald-faced liars. Meanwhile, the president continues to provide citizens with images of what gargantuan "chutzpah" looks like -- see his face above -- as he claims House Republicans are holding the government "hostage" when it is demonstrably Senate Democrats who won't pass any budget bills unless ObamaCare is not delayed for individuals and the president who promises to veto such budgets. Here's a thought experiment for you: Imagine if the ONE program being argued about was some defensive missile deployment somewhere in Europe, or a surge in forces in Afghanistan due to increased violence there -- WHO do you think would be blamed for the resulting "shutdown"? The side blocking all other funding until that program was funded, or the side voting to allow all other funding while blocking that one program? Why, that's a no-brainer: it would be the program's supporters, and every Republican AND EVERY DEMOCRAT knows it. But, when the program is on the other foot, suddenly it is the side blocking the ONE and allowing the MANY that is portrayed as the bad buy! Seriously, any president or party that tells you the kind of nonsense that this president and these Democrats do with a straight face clearly takes the American people for idiots, and if they are willing to tell us lies this blatant, imagine what else they are ready to try putting over on you.