Servo1969 Wrote:
Oct 08, 2013 8:46 AM
It's just as David's brother said about the GOP yesterday: "It seems like the Republican(GOP) strategy has been, "Let's cave on this and we'll take it to them in three months. That's when the really big one's going to hit. That's when we're going to raise the debt limit." That comes along and we shelve that, we cave on that, we move on to the next one. Every time we get to the next one, we cave and move to the next one. Every time we get to the next one and we're really going to mount the fight, somebody comes up and says, "You know, this would be a bad time." "This is the wrong time. Go ahead and cave on this. There's much bigger stuff ahead. We'll tackle it on the next one." So this is the quintessential, "Let's cave here. We're looking dumb. We're looking stupid. I'm embarrassed as a Republican! I want to focus on winning the Senate and then we'll take it to them." That's what's happening here." - Rush 10/7/2013 And look where That strategy has brought the country.