goshawk Wrote:
Oct 08, 2013 4:52 AM
Mr. Ransom, Although a well written article, it's rather like comparing apples and oranges. Lincoln was an American Patriot that loved his country and citizens. Obama is not American and hates this country and it's citizens! All of you columnists, even after all this time, still refer to his terrible performance as lack of ability, being unprepared, and incompetence, etc. Either you won't write about what he's really doing, or you or still can;t see it. Obama does not care about 'Right and Wrong.' He does not care about our laws or the Constitution! He see's himself as "Above it All." It should be obvious to every one by now that Obama is ruling as an Tyrannical Dictator. He has proven himself to be a Traitor in many ways whose agenda is to destroy our Republic.